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2024 RATES

Check in time 3:00 PM
Check out time 9:00 AM

All cabin charges or additional fees are to be paid in full at arrival time. 

Summer Rates (June 16-Aug. 11) 

Spring/Fall Rates (May 20-June 17 & Aug. 12-Sept. 8)

Discounted Winter Rates (Sept. 9 - May 15)

Additional Services & Rates

Gas & Sales Tax Extra

Private (With Cabin Rental or RV Site)



Non-refundable deposit of $200 required for each weekly cabin rental or $150 required for a 3-5 night stay. A 3-night minimum stay is required during out Standard time. Weekly stays are a minimum and must be a Saturday to Saturday during our Prime Time. All prices subject to sales tax. If you book by Nov 1st 2024 for the next year (2025) year you will get 2024 rates.

All reservations must be confirmed by deposit within 7 days from the date your reservation is made, or your reservation will be automatically cancelled. Written confirmation will be emailed upon receipt of your deposit. The balance of the rental is due the day upon arrival.

Since the cabins are reserved exclusively for you, you are responsible for the total amount due for the full length of your reservation. To avoid any misunderstanding, you will be charged for the full number of days you reserve, even if your stay has to be shortened.

Cancellation policy:

We are a seasonal, family-owned resort, not a Hotel. When you cancel at short notice, it deeply impacts our business. Please carefully read our cancellation policy.

All deposit are Non-Refundable

  • If the guest cancels MORE than 60 days in advance, you will NOT be charged any extra fees or be responsible for the full payment. (Only Deposit)

  • If the guest cancels LESS than 60 days in advance, YOU ARE responsible to pay in full of the duration of your reservations. Your credit card will be charged during your original reservation dates. (Unless the reservation is rebooked) This applies even if you leave early.

  • The only way we will acknowledge a cancellation; the guest MUST send a cancellation request stating the first and last name the reservation is under and dates via email to the following address: - All cancellations than are confirmed via email after the reservation has been cancelled. 

Resort Policies:

  • When booking a cabin with us, must include the first and last name of the adult occupying the cabin and a valid credit card to book the reservation. (You can still pay in check or cash at check in time)

  • All rooms are subject to a Minnesota sales tax and an Ottertail County sales tax collected by the County of Ottertail. 

  • NO PETS IN THE UNITS without prior approval.

  • All of your visitors must register at the office (Minnesota state requirement).

  • NO SMOKING INSIDE THE UNITS: All rental units are SMOKE FREE, help keep the air fresh in the units, do your smoking outside of the rental units.


  • Quiet Time:  10:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. – no yelling, no door slamming, Quiet around campfires, and no loud music.


  • Use 10 mph. Speed limit while on resort grounds.


  • Guests are responsible for damages or repair costs to any resort property caused by you or anyone in your party.


  • No fireworks allowed, (with the exception of July 4th only) in accordance to MN State Law.


  • Campfires are allowed in provided fire rings only. Do Not Move Them. You can NOT bring in your own firewood unless it is local per MN State law. We do have firewood for sale if needed. 

  • No Charcoal Ashes in the garbage please dispose the ashes in one of the fire rings.

  • Do not dispose of grease in your drains. Place it in a container, then in a dumpster.


  • Clean all fish in the fish-cleaning house. Please put their remains into the pails with garbage bag, (no water in the bag), remove bag with fish waist, seal bag and place it in the freezer behind the fish cleaning house. Not in the garbage. Please conserve water and turn off the lights.


  • Please help us recycle by putting rinsed items in each separate container marked Glass, Tin, Plastic, & Aluminum, located in designated areas near you.


  • No Lifeguard on duty - Swim at your own risk - Please watch your children.


  • All guests must register at the office before entering resort. This includes visitors of our registered guests also. We ask that you limit the number of visitors to two at anyone time. Please limit the number of vehicles to two per cabin as we have limited parking space. The resort closes at 10:00p.m. Visitors are asked to leave quietly. Guests are not allowed to stay the night unless they have been registered at the office. 

  • No Fishing from Pedal boats, they are for recreation, and are not licensed watercraft. The DNR or Sheriff will fine you.

Rates & policies may change without notice. STLR policies may not be limited to those listed above.

Pet Policy:

Pet Fee Charge- Daily: $25.00 per pet Weekly: $150 per pet


We will collect a $100.00 damage deposit per pet when you arrive. At the end of your stay, management will view the conditions of the cabin for any damage. If no damage, your full deposit amount will be returned to you. If there is damage, we will you hold your deposit and assess the damage amount. Once the assessment is completed, we will contact you and give you an invoiced amount. Depending on how much the damage is, we will either do a partial refund or possibly need to collect more.


We will NOT allow a pet to left alone at any time, unless it is in a kennel for a short period of time.



No continuous barking. Please be mindful of others around you.

No pets in the swimming and playground areas or in the office.

Immediately clean up all the pets waste and dispose of it in a bag in the trash.

Keep your pet on a leash when outside at all times.

All pets must have current vaccinations.

No pets on the cabin furniture.

Boat/Pontoon Rental Policies:

We will collect the Rental payment, an image of your credit card front and back and our signed Rental Agreement before you can operate any rentals.  At the end of your stay, management will view the conditions of the rental for any damage. If there is damage during your rental days, we will assess the damage amount with a qualified marine technician. Once the assessment is completed, we will notify you and give you an invoiced amount and charge your credit card on file. You MUST be 18 years or older to operate any rentals from STLR. 

Rental Agreement is as follows:

 1. PAYMENT: Payment will be made by cash, credit card or personal check.
  DAMAGE DEPOSIT: Image of Credit Card front & back must be on file during rental period.

  2. FUEL: At the start of the rental period the boat will be provided to the Renter(s) with a full tank of gasoline. All gasoline is an extra charge. If you would like to refuel, please contact the office and we will fill it for you, then add it to a tab to pay at the end of your trip/stay.

  3. INSPECTION OF BOAT - STLR certifies that the boat and motor are in good mechanical and physical condition. Any known damage or problems will be explained to Renter(s) so as they will not be held responsible.

  4. DAMAGES TO BOAT - Renter(s) acknowledges and understands that the boat is to be left in clean, undamaged condition, in the same condition at commencement of the rental period. If rental boat is not left in suitable condition, Renter(s) acknowledges and understands that South Turtle Lake Resort reserves the right to charge Renter(s) for any repairs or special cleaning. Additionally, renter(s) understands and agrees that STLR. reserves the right to charge Renter(s) for repairs or special cleaning at a price deemed suitable by STLR. Such charges will be assessed before the Renter(s) leave the rental property.

  5. PLEASE BE AWARE: Cooking/Grilling/Fireworks are not allowed on boats at any time. This is for your safety.

  6. THEFT OR LOSS - In case of theft or loss, Renter(s) are responsible for the replacement value of the boat. In case of abuse or damage, Renter(s) will be charged for the repair or replacement of the boat.

  7. BOAT OPERATION - Renter(s) acknowledge and agree that the boat will be operated by a qualified operator 18+ years old of said boat; that Renter(s) will not allow any other persons except that member of their party or others listed  to operate the boat. Renter(s) will be responsible for all such operation. Renter(s) will not operate the boat, or permit anyone to operate the boat, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Renter(s) will be responsible for the operation of the boat within all laws. 

  8. BOAT USE - The Renter(s) agrees not to permit the use of, or to use the boat for, the transportation of persons or property for hire, and not allow more than the maximum capacity ratings upon the boat at any one time. Appropriate Life Jackets are available upon request.

  9. REPAIRS - SERVICE CALLS - Renter(s) acknowledges and understands that South Turtle Lake Resort can not guarantee against mechanical failures of the rental boat. Renter(s) agrees to immediately notify STLR of any defective or non-working units. STLR will make every reasonable effort to repair or replace defective units as quickly and efficiently as possible. Repair due to normal wear and tear on the boat will be made by STLR.  Should a repair person make a call to repair or replace a unit that is found to be in working order and the problem was due to Renter(s) oversight or neglect or misuse, Renter(s) agrees that the repair call costs may be of additional cost to Renter(s).

  10. LOSS OF RENTER(S) PROPERTY - It is expressly agreed that STLR shall not be liable for loss of or damage to any property left or stored by Renter(s) or any other person in or upon said boat after return thereof to STLR Renter(s) agree to hold STLR harmless from and against any such claims.

  11. PARKING/RETURN OF BOAT - Renter(s) acknowledges and understands that they will park the rental in the designated space provided where they picked up the rental for during their entire stay. Notify the office of your return and bring back any keys/life jackets. Office staff will then look over the rental before Renter(s) leave to determine if was return in the same shape.

    13. AGE - Renter is at least 18 years of age. No one under the age of 18 is permitted to operate the watercraft. All passengers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult while on any rentals from South Turtle Lake Resort.

  14. LIABILITY AGREEMENT - I, the Renter(s), hereby release from any legal liability, South Turtle Lake Resort and staff from any and all liability for damage and injury or death to myself and/or any person or property resulting from the selection, maintenance or use of this boat, and for any claim based upon negligence, breach of warranty, contract, claim, or other legal theory, accepting myself , the Renter(s), the full responsibility for any and all such damages or injury which may result. It is understood and agreed that the Rental Fee is a presently earned fee for the use of the boat and that additional costs of repairs or cleaning may be required as a result of physical damage to the boat during the rental period, or against any liability that I may incur to STLR pursuant to this agreement. Further, I, the Renter(s), am responsible for all damages and/or losses to the boat or any of its contents during that period. STLR or staff reserves the right to (a) authorize the use of the boat and (b) revoke the use of the boat. Decisions on the part of STLR or staff with regard to the use of the boat by Renter(s) are made for safety reasons, including, but not limited to, the following: 1) unsafe operation of the boat 2) Lack of sobriety of the Renter(s) 3) Unsafe weather conditions. 

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