2022 & 2023 RATES

Check in time 3:00 PM
Check out time 9:00 AM
All charges to be paid the day before you leave.
Non-refundable deposit of $200 required for each Cabin or Duplex rental. Three night minimum stay is required during the Primetime. All prices subject to sales tax. If you book by Nov 1st 2022 for the following year you will get 2022 rates.

Primetime Rates (June 16-Aug. 11) 

Non-Primetime Rates (May 20-June 17 & Aug. 12-Sept. 8)

Discounted Winter Rates (Sept. 9 - May 15)

Additional Services & Rates

Gas & Sales Tax Extra

Private (With Cabin Rental or RV Site)

Public (Without Cabin Rental or RV Site)

Gas & Sales Tax Extra